January – in a nutshell

January – in a nutshell

After some debate we at Team Go Live Outdoors decided that we will return to the world of blogging so here’s the first one of the year.

We had a rather hectic January beginning with a New Year’s Day hike from Watchet to Blue Anchor in Somerset as we were lucky enough to still be here post our Christmas break. Starting as we meant to go on, we followed this up with a hike at home of 20+km to Waddesdon Manor and back a few weeks later – with the staff being very helpful at helping us find the right path through the grounds.  We’ve also been training for new exciting adventures later this year with running, cycling, and swimming.

We have some exciting plans for the year including many of our past times, scuba diving, hiking, camping and so on. We intend to get out and try some new things as well, maybe getting outside of our usual comfort zones. Videos and photos will follow our adventures so keep an eye on our Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram channels for ad hoc daily updates.

Watch this space. We may even try a bit of vlogging this year as well.