Litter-picking – every bit helps, so can you.

Litter-picking – every bit helps, so can you.

We’ve been helping keep our local park tidy over the past year or two by doing some litter-picking. Sometimes that’s large long walks with a big bag and sometimes just picking up an item or two on the morning dog walk. We find that litter manages to creep back into the park on a regular basis, especially after an eventful weekend. That doesn’t stop us, or others in our area though trying our best to keep it where it belongs – in a bin!

Litter-picking is definitely not the nicest job out there. It is however an important one, and a job anyone can help with. We’ve seen many local areas start to organise events to help reduce litter. This is a great way for communities to get together and bond as well and improve the environment. If you cannot find one in your area, don’t worry – you can always organise one.

Change starts with the smallest of actions, and often seeing a park or play area clean and tidy inspires other peoples to do more to keep it that way. We’ve found this happened in our area but it’s an on-going battle to improve the park. Hopefully more people will see us picking up litter and putting it in the bin, but we’re not going to stop just because it’s a dirty job. We’ll keep going – and we hope to see other people giving it a go too, and teaching others the lesson of environmental responsibility.

How would you start then? Easy, a bag, a pair of gloves, and maybe a litter-picker if you wish, is all you need. You can contact your local authorities for large items if needed. Remember to stay safe with the items you pick up!

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