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Toothpaste ideas to save the planet?

Toothpaste ideas to save the planet?

A couple of articles on LinkedIn in the last month have intrigued me regarding toothpaste. Something we all use several times a day without really thinking about some of the impact it has, and the impact from the articles really is the packaging.

Alan’s Theory

The first article I saw was from Alan’s Theory regarding the cardboard boxes around toothpastes. The video discusses how the vast majority of us simply chuck these into the (hopefully) recycling bin. If so many people do this, and the article claims that 900,000,000 boxes are thrown away every year in the US alone, do we really need them? Iceland has removed the requirement for the boxes and sells toothpaste as just a tube.

Okay, so we’re still talking plastic here, but the production of the boxes, which we then recycle, and the process of recycling them could be completely removed if we remove the box itself from sale. Such an interesting concept. The amount of time, effort, resources, and waste saved could be immense.

You can see Alan’s video on the matter here:

Bites Toothpaste Bits

The second article that took my attention was regarding Bites Toothpaste Bits – who claim:

A healthier, all-natural plastic free replacement for the paste you’ve used your whole life.

Bites Toothpaste Bits are a chew-able pellet of toothpaste that works exactly like your normal toothpaste, but comes in a small glass bottle with a metal lid and no plastic. The plastic-free idea here is wonderful, and more companies should consider a plastic alternative packaging.

Between these two ideas it shows how much we waste but also that people are trying to improve the world in little ways – now if the big corporations and governments can take note it would be a great thing (Bites are at time of writing entirely on back-order so currently popular). What do you think?

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