Go Clean Outdoors

Go Clean Outdoors (Originally Clean Diving and Clean Walking) is an initiative started to help clean our environment. Every year nearly seven and a half tonnes of plastic alone ends up in our oceans. This doesn’t include the number of the rest of litter that is both in the oceans and on land. Not only is it an eyesore, but it is bad for our environment. With very little effort we can help solve the problem. While it might not seem much picking up litter here and there, but if everyone participates then it will have a large impact. Just one hour set aside now and again and we can stop this issue from getting any worse.

We can have an effect on this not just on the land but also in the water. Be you on a boat, a swimmer, a scuba diver, or relaxing on a beach. Picking up anything we see will also help.

2019 Litter Picking

Total number of items
Time Spent (Hours)
KM Walked
Total Weight (KG)