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Shampoo bars – have you tried them yet?

Shampoo bars – have you tried them yet?

Last year in July we decided to really overhaul our lifestyles to reduce in plastic. One of the ways we chose to do this was to ditch our shower gels as well as shampoos and conditioners. So what do you replace these with when you choose to scrap them? The answer was simple – soap bars.

Soap as a bar is nothing new but in the last year or so shampoo bars have been very popular. So, 8 months on from using them here’s what we think for one short hair and one very long hair user. The main thing we took from this was:

Finding the right bar for you can be hard!

We live in a hard water area and started with shampoo bars and soaps that do not work great in hard water. However we’re still using them. With short hair we’ve found these still work fine even in hard water as it is much easier to rinse thank it is for long hair.

For hard water with long hair we found a solution where the shampoo bar contains a conditioner works best – most advertise they work in hard water, so do shop around!

With soaps, the selections out there are endless, but also we advise looking for SLS, Paraben, and Palm Oil free wherever possible.

So who worked best for us?

The Friendly Soap Company have brilliant soft water shampoo bars and their body soaps are really good too. They’re plastic free, SLS and Paraben free – and cruelty free too. We’ve tried the Lavender Geranium Shampoo bar and would recommend giving this a try in soft water, or if your hair is really short.

Soul and Soap have a wide variety of soaps and shampoo bars but sadly not all are plastic free. However they have a naked range which is and we have tried their Wild Coconut and Juicy Watermelon shampoo bars. Both of these work well for really long hair, and in hard water. They’re also SLS, SLES, Paraben Free.

Why such a long wait to review?

Because how long it can take to get your hair used to a shampoo bar. There is a phase where you may feel greasy or waxy, but this passes as your hair detoxes and creates natural oils at a normal rate again. After 8 months we’re both confident we’re not switching back!

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